Irrigation Pipes

If irrigation pipes interfere with the intended path of your swing, you are allowed one club grip from the pipe total relief must be taken, not nearer the hole, and you may place the ball.

Out of Bounds

The area over the buggy path on the left of the 3rd is out of bounds only for club competitions.   The Green Keepers area down the 8th marked by white stakes is out of bounds.

The area to the left of the 11th is out of bounds, until the lateral hazard is reached.   The left hand side of the 1st and 15th from the cart path red stakes is NOT out of bounds, and is to be treated red hazard only, point of entry drop under penalty.

Blue Stakes

 On the left side of the 13th green, it is marked as blue stake area,

 I.e. free drop.

If you think your ball has gone in this area, you must first find the ball and drop at the point of entry under no penalty.

If you do not find your ball you must drop a new ball under penalty point of deemed entry to be agreed with your playing partners.


All walls are a free drop if the ball is unplayable, swing and one club length.





7th hole

You may place the ball in the drop zone if your ball is in the hazard other than as described below.  The picon area around the green is not a bunker, if your ball roles into the hazard from the picon you may drop in the picon under penalty.    If your ball flies over the red stakes at the front and then goes into the hazard you may drop on the green side point of entry.

10th hole

If your ball is in the hazard, whether found or not, you have a choice, either drop under penalty, or play as it lies, point to be agreed with playing partners, should be outside the hazard level with where the ball was located (or assumed to be, if lost).   If your ball comes against a pipe in the hazard you may move it one grip length not nearer the hole not under penalty.

Tarmac/Buggy Paths

All tarmac paths and roads are a free drop under normal rules of golf.

The picon area to the left of the 15th green is not a buggy path and must be played as it lies.


All stones on the course can be moved without penalty.   Ball coming to rest against the edges of the grass in the picon can be placed, one grip length, must stay on the picon.    Rabbit scrapings relief can be taken no nearer the hole intended swing path only.

Provisional Balls

Provisional balls cannot be played if a ball has been played into a hazard

(Red or yellow stakes).

Plugged Balls

All ball plugged on a closely mown area’s plugged, including the fringes of the greens up to the start of the rough maybe lifted cleaned and dropped (this includes the third level of cut, the area around the green approximately 10 meters i.e. where your buggies must not go).   If your ball is plugged in the rough or hazard you must play it as lies.

On the green

It is permitted to smooth spike marks on the green without penalty



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