100 club



        JANUARY                           FEBUARY                       MARCH

1st 209 D HILL                         1st 321 K SPENCE       1st 086 M SETCH

2Nd 056 J LEES                        2nd 394 K NASH          2nd 270 K IRONSIDE

3rd 171 D VENBALES            3rd 158 S HIDE             3rd 150 C LITTLEWOOD

4th 054 J LEES                        4th 081 M SETCH         4th018 H JOB

5th 151 S HIDE                       5th 211 P MORTON      5th 125 K BOWEN

6th 017 H JOB                         6th 023 M LESSK         6th 196 P FELLOWS

      APRIL                                     MAY                                 JUNE

1st 129 K BOWEN                 1st 312 G MAXWELL     1st 291 D THOMAS

2nd 380 A EVANS                 2nd 164 H MARTK           2nd 392 K NASH

3rd 022 M LEASK                 3rd 364 D VENABLES     3rd S ANDERSON

4th 032 D ALLEN                  4th 334 B CLARK            4th 008 M LEASK

5th 048 G FENLON               5th 116 L BOLSOVER     5th 261 J POMPEI

6th 133 D KNOWLES          6th L BOLSOVER          6th 111 L BOLSOVER                       


             JULY                                 AUGUEST

1st351 N HOWARD                1st 011 H JOB

2nd 040 D ALLEN                2nd 210 D HILL

3rd 049 G FENLON              3rd 083 M SETCH

4th 164 H MARK                  4th 069 M SETCH

5th 1224 K BOWEN             5th 271 C BARR

6th 345 J MARIA                  6th 400 K NASH          







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