100 club





JANUARY                                      FEBUARY                     MARCH

1st 139 D KNOWLES          1st399 K NASH                    1st 127 K BOWEN

2nd 015 H JOB                     2nd 311 G MAXWELL        2nd 081 M SETCH

3rd 031 CLUB                      3rd 380 A EVANS               3rd 110 J BROCKWELL

4th 058 J LEES                    4th 262 J POMPEI                4th 062 M SETCH

5th 208 D HILL                   5th 175 D VENABLES        5th 103 K BOWEN

6th 198 P FELLOWS          6th B CLARK                       6th 194 P FWLLOWS



  APRIL                                               MAY                                      JUNE


1st 243 C WILLIANSON      1st327 K SPENCE                       1st318 G MAXWELL

2nd 018 H JOB                      2nd104 J BROCKWELL              2nd 374 A EVENS

3rd 113 L BOLSOVER        3rd046 G FENLON                       3rd 309 B CLARKE

4th 292 D THOMAS            4th 124  K BOWEN                      4th 197 P FELLOWS

5th 255 T BOWEN             5th 331 B CLARK                          5th 222 K IRONSIDE

6th 027 M LEASK              6th 052 J LEES                               6th 390 PAQUI



      JULY                                     AUGUST                                SEPTEMBER

1st 128 K BOWEN             1st 089 M SETCH                      1st 077 C BARR

2nd 009 M LEASK            2nd 361 D VENABLES                 2nd 212 P MORTON

3rd 216 P MORTON         3rd 335 B CLARK                      3rd 039 D ALLEN

4th 378 A EVENS            4th 396 K NASH                           4th 351 N HOWARD

5th 113 L BOLSOVER    5th  221 K IRONSIDE                5th 022 M LEASK

6th 008 M LEASK           6th 394 K NASH                         6th 096 D MORALES





1st 137 D KNOWLES

2nd 240 K SPENCE

3rd 359 N HOWARD

4th 230 K IRONSIDE

5th 257 T BOWEN

6 th 121 K BOWEN





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